Complete Aries Zodiac Sign Man Profile

That your romance to last, do not fall into the routine. Aries needs your movement, change and action to feel good with a partner.

His character brings it to meet its commitments and it is generally true even if a man loves to seduce.

Surprise it, stoke the flame keeping your secret garden. Aries is sometimes less a macho needs stimulation and novelty in her private life.

Agreement with Aries


The native of Aries is able to make concessions for your relationship to last. Even if it is not part of the signs that contribute most to the house, he knows intervene when he feels you need.

His energy is contagious and motivates everyone when it comes to making things happen. He is well aware that it takes two for a successful married life. It also expect you to be up to it and you can also support its projects. Do not stay down when they need your help.


Attention! An Aries is more than just doing things as he sees fit. He is willing to give a helping hand but do not expect to be able to shape according to your principles.

It will always be in his way, no matter what you think and what you say to him because he thinks hold the truth. Avoid criticizing or board behind him, he hates!


Aries is naturally jealous, especially when in love. He does not know love with passion and excitement. His love is always the most ardent and enthusiastic is why it is quite justified to be possessive, sometimes to the extreme.

This jealous man sees you as his property, it will be because you rarely changes over the years. If you’re together, is that you belong to him and he intends to show to other men, even if they do not seem interested they hunt on its territory. Rare are the contenders who can still approach you because you constantly monitors and discourages more motivated.

Aries jealousy is jealousy through action. It tends to react with a quarter turn to the smallest detail referring to his infidelity on your part.

Loyalty of Aries men

Warning eyes open!

It is very sensitive to feminine charms and he loves to play its charm even though he knows to be discreet in your company.

The passionate seduction from a young age and it resolves difficult to drop his favorite pastime, drag.

Couple, it can stick time.

How to leave a man Aries

Not easy to put an end to a love story with him because very often it is when he feels that you escape him he decided to do everything to seduce you again.

If you are sure of your decision and you are very direct, he will probably find it difficult to believe you.

The best technique is to do the more you look at him. Openly show him you’re bored at his touch, be the coldest and most distant possible.

Another trick to discourage Aries: no longer paying attention to what he does.

Speak only of you and your successes and bounce especially not when he wants to discuss his plans. It will feel upstaged, what he hates, especially from a woman.

If all this does not work, it’ll just smother the little touches, to simper a bit. He hates!

How the Aries man will leave you

An Aries who divests your relationship:

  • do more listening
  • no longer trying to view has an advantage over you

For Aries, love is intimately linked to the conflict. When there are more subjects tensions and disagreements with him is that he is somehow moved on.

It draws its power heated exchanges are a good indicator of the health of her marriage. Thus, it is always agree with you and it gives you carte blanche in your choices is that you are no longer at the center of his interests.

If he really decided to leave, not easy to change your mind. Its decisions are final. There is no need to argue, to discuss at length, much less beg him crying. Turn the page, it’s better!

11 Responses to Living with Aries Men

  • Veronica says:

    i like this cause me n my fiance gets along really well thats what i love about him he got a sweet heart ever scince were ingaged !

  • John says:

    I hate an Aries, sorry to say but everything they say about an Aries and Taurus is true. Just finished a two year relationship with an Aries and it was nothing but arguments daily

    • Junior Malave says:

      I wish most women understand that as Aries, are intentions aren’t to be a jerk. We tend to be assertive but when we love we put out 110%. It’s unfortunate that when we are in a relationship, Some of us aren’t so lucky in finding someone that can at least meet us half way. Unbelievable

  • Francesca says:

    I have known my aries man for nearly 30 years….he is my best friend….and i’m a cancerian cusp leo lady.Do NOT suffocate them,let them have their freedom,keep the sex life fun,praise him,spoil him too…and he will be yours for all time:)

    • Jennifer says:

      This really helps me thank you so much because I just met this guy who is tgis sighn and I’m a Cancer and I like to talk on the phone every day and I realized when I call him every day sometimes he will not answer the phone and I would not talk to him all day and it will really make me mad so now that you comment don’t smother them I know what to do now thanks for sharing LOL

  • Crystal says:

    Aries men are simply cheaters! Liars & big ass babys. Game players who needs this crap . not desperate enough to care about this type of man. Look to another sign you will save a lot of time.

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